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Norton Zone Beta Launch

At Energy Energy Design we pride ourselves on creating long term partnerships with our clients. We become the trusted resource that is always available for a rush project and ready to help solve any complex visual branding problem. We have leveraged our experience to become a trusted partner in launching many significant software products.

We began working with Norton Zone executive marketing team several months ago, helping them visualize the product and creating images, charts, landing pages that describe the vision of the product and product strategy. We created a comprehensive intranet site in Drupal for the Symantec internal audience to gain product insights and detailed product launch information. A very important aspect of a successful product launch is a memorable internal launch, we created a campaign that got people to try the internal beta.

Along with an arsenal of product launch sales tools we worked on key elements of the products user interface creating a series of icons and images. Also we created the product beta launch landing pages and images.