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Awesome Math Girls: Empowering Girls

Meera Desai started Awesome Math Girls, a nonprofit organization, in 2015 when she was 14. She loved math but found that it was difficult to find information about math camps and other support for girls who love math. With our help, her objective was to spread the word that girls can be as good as, or even better than, boys in math. Since she was a middle school student, we would build a site that could evolve with her and girls her age, as well as be a source of information for parents.

Over time, the site has grown. It has added content and insights, and it has caught the attention of many high-profile university professors. The site was built on a WordPress customized theme, allowing Meera to add content and updates to the site. Check it out!


Go Girls! #mathrules #awesomemathgirls #girlscanlovemath #girlscancode