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New Energy

Bread it is what you crave

Branding BakeryLate last year we did a fantastic photoshoot with Chris Conroy for this new stealthy bakery. We branded and created interior, signage and packaging designs along with the website. Soon you will be able to experience the bread for yourself. Stay tuned…

Will work for wine

I first met Nikki and Chris at Stags Leap Wine Cellars several years ago. They told me that they were in the process of teaming up to make their own Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon—and they would need help with banding and packaging. I’m a total fan of Nicki—and Cab—so I was in.
With any startup, building a brand involves a series of steps that are executed over time. The brand planning and timing are based on the company’s budget and priorities. Our first project for the new wine was to create the wine bottle labels. Developing the right visual identity requires understanding the essence of the brand—why it was developed, what makes it unique, the winemakers’ own personalities and join approach to winemaking. As we worked through visual design options, we landed on two primary ideas that had emerged:
1. Conversation: Creating a new wine with two experienced winemakers requires lots of conversation. How will the wine be enjoyed? How will people learn about the new wine? Why were they inspired to make this particular wine? The new wine label included a short dialogue on the making of the wine, which served to pique a buyer’s interest and tantalize them to taste it.
2. Authenticity: Not just another Napa Valley Cabernet, the new wine was “Pure Napa.” Nicki and Chris live in Napa, their team members are part of the Napa community, and of course the vineyards and grapes are in Napa. Nicki previously was head winemaker at Stags Leap Winery, working under a legendary winemaker.
The label featured a little conversation, telling a story about the wine, along with the tagline Pure Napa. This year we created a WordPress ecommerce website.
Visit the site here: https://www.nicolettechristopher.com and order some mind-blowing Cab that will change your life!

Security Ad Campaign

Building an exceptional custom WordPress site is key to reaching your customers, then creating campaigns that get your target audience engaged. A retargeting ad campaign linked to a strong landing page with great content and follow on emails is the next step. This is a marketing strategy that nurtures leads and gets your brand noticed. At Energy we create these types of campaigns for many of our clients helping them with lead generation and driving traffic to the website.

The Job Doesn’t

Dump Your SIEM2

Symantec partners program branding #security

Energy just launched new visual branding and campaign for Symantec’s legendary partners program Secure One. Leveraging the umbrella corporate branding to create a powerful integrated visually branded program.#visualbranding



Just launched Exabeam's new website

Exabeam is a leader in User Behavior Analytics and Insider Threat Detection. Energy Energy Design created strong messages that differentiate and a modern visual brand with an easy to maintain responsive site. Congrats to the team and Exabeam for being such a great client.

Exabeam Final Home Images

Check it out at www.exabeam.com

Extending your whitepapers content

Whitepapers, every technology company needs them but do your potential customers take the time to read them?

The current trend in marketing is to convert those rich with information whitepapers into e-books that are visually compelling and easy to read with nuggets of important information.

Let us turn your whitepapers into an effective lead generation tool.



Blueliv Website Launch


Blueliv’s Marketing Director asked Energy to help them launch Blueliv in the US market. Working with Blueliv’s executive team we created a messaging program to use as a key document in creating marketing materials. Energy created a custom WordPress site that makes it easy to find what you are looking for and positions the brand in the US market. Blueliv is a great group of people to work with. Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, the company provides strong cybersecurity solutions to financial institutions. www.blueliv.com

Juliana Icons/Brand



Energy had the great honor of working with mountain biking icon Julie Furtado in branding for a line of Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes specifically for women. The icons reflect her story and experience with riding. These are beautiful bikes that are really picking up traction in the marketplace.

Clos Du Val Perfect Weekend Ad Campaign

This is our latest ad in our campaign for Clos Du Val winery. Our goal with the campaign that included a landing page for the website and social media, was to drive CDV consumer awareness and strengthen brand equity. The ad creates a personal experience with Clos Du Val Chardonnay and leverages the audience’s social media preferences, asking them to share photos.



Energy Energy Design, designs business book

Karen Kang’s new book Branding Pays; the five-step system to reinvent your personal brand was launched at a spectacular party in Palo Alto Tuesday night.

We have worked with Karen for over 15 years on many corporate client accounts.

She has mastered this effective methodology for strategic positioning and product positioning. She is amazing at helping executive teams reach consensus and create a strategy for their companies in a workshop environment. We have worked alongside Karen to implement the strategy, creating visual brands using the messaging and strategic positioning as a foundation for creative programs.

She has taken this methodology and applied it to personal branding and wrote this easy to use book about it.

When she decided to write her book she came to us to do the design and extend her brand we had created for her to her new book and book promotions. We designed lots of interactive charts and graphics in the book.

Check out this excerpt in Fast Company mag.


You should pick up the book not only is it amazingly designed it is an essential career move.