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science doesn’t automatically result in success. Strong brand marketing and communications actually play a bigger role. Life sciences and biotech companies have multiple audiences to satisfy—peers, investors, talent, the media, and others. Successful branding is translating complex science into understandable, memorable communications targeted to these personas. Startups fail because they can’t communicate the information that their target customers really care about, don’t compete effectively, market poorly, and ignore important audiences. You don’t have to be that company. We’ve branded (or re-branded companies who went somewhere else first) startups who have received hundreds of millions of dollars in funding.

Our Biotech Branding Package will help you establish the strong brand and product messaging foundation you need to grow your business.

Package Elements

Logo, Brand Assets and Guidelines

A successful logo and related brand assets represent your brand accurately, differentiate your company, and position you competitively in your market space. Brand guidelines ensure usage consistency across brand touchpoints.

PowerPoint Pitch Deck

Your PowerPoint deck template reflects your company’s visual branding within a strong design format for maximum impact. We can also help with content and brand storytelling to create convincing, memorable presentations.

WordPress Website

You’ll receive a basic WordPress website—branded with your visual signature—that creatively communicates your company’s positioning and primary messages. Our sites are designed to easily accommodate new capabilities, such as demand generation, partner portals, and other functionalities, as you grow.

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