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New Energy

Energy Energy Design, designs business book

Karen Kang’s new book Branding Pays; the five-step system to reinvent your personal brand was launched at a spectacular party in Palo Alto Tuesday night.

We have worked with Karen for over 15 years on many corporate client accounts.

She has mastered this effective methodology for strategic positioning and product positioning. She is amazing at helping executive teams reach consensus and create a strategy for their companies in a workshop environment. We have worked alongside Karen to implement the strategy, creating visual brands using the messaging and strategic positioning as a foundation for creative programs.

She has taken this methodology and applied it to personal branding and wrote this easy to use book about it.

When she decided to write her book she came to us to do the design and extend her brand we had created for her to her new book and book promotions. We designed lots of interactive charts and graphics in the book.

Check out this excerpt in Fast Company mag.


You should pick up the book not only is it amazingly designed it is an essential career move.