About Energy

The Real Definition of Creativity

Creativity isn’t about making things up. It’s more about getting things down. We value vision and we get the big picture—but we appreciate the fact that our clients usually have to work toward the big picture in a series of strategic moves. Helping them calculate and brilliantly execute those moves is our strength.

Great Design Emerges From Reality

Great design is rooted in specific problems that must be solved in order to achieve a goal. It relies on gathering the facts, surveying the scene, identifying the best possible solutions— even anticipating opposition.

Great Design Should Set You Apart

Great design communicates memorably. Whether you’re a Fortune 500, mid-sized, or sole proprietor business—market visibility and staying power comes from strong messaging and visual branding.

Great Design is Based On Thinking

Achieving great design means thinking through a potential solution before it’s implemented. Will it work with other program elements? What are possible pitfalls? How will your customers actually encounter the solution? Can it be supported? Will it pave the way toward a future objective? And does it fit within schedules, budgets, and internationalization requirements? We think about these things because design can only achieve great results when it can be successfully executed.

Great Design is How We’ve Built Our Business

Leslie Guidice

Leslie Guidice is the founder and creative director of energy energy design. She’s been building visual brands for clients in high-technology and consumer markets for 18 years. The creative force behind the fast rise of such brands as Alain Pinel Realtors, Hall Kinion, Handspring, and Virgin, Leslie is known for marrying great design and strategic business goals.

Jeanette Aramburu

Jeanette has extensive art directing experience with a special emphasis on design projects for consumer product firms. She has worked on major projects for Wells Fargo Bank, Levi Strauss, Cocolat, San Francisco International Airport, the Mexican Museum, Intel, Simpson Paper Co., Newman Organics, Swatch, and O’Neill Inc.

Stacy Guidice

Stacy leads teams to build powerful visual brands for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. She has worked in industries encompassing real estate, security, AI, bio-tech, cloud computing, and consumer products.

Beth Moore

With a background in direct sales for three Fortune 500 companies, Beth has been a writer since 1987, creating virtually all forms of written materials for corporate marketing communications, consumer and trade publications, advertising, and public relations. Prior to 1987, Beth sold for Xerox Corporation, Shearson-Lehman American Express, and Apple Computer, as well as executed a variety of interesting higher education marketing programs for Apple corporate marketing. She earned a BA in Communication from Ohio State University.

Myrrh Larsen

Multimedia developer Myrrh Larsen has been writing code for the web since 1998, with a strong interest in open standards and dynamic content systems. In that time, he has dabbled in many areas of integrative technology, serving as a consultant and database administrator for international companies in biotech research and advertising, and conducting web development and video editing for companies including Adidas, M-On!, and MyNetworkTV.